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Guide to Tel Aviv

Recomandations for Touring, Shopping and other Attractions in Tel-Aviv.

By Authentica

  1. Tel Aviv Markets

  2. Fabulous antiques, unique clothes, appliances, food, exotic spices – all those and more can be found at the colorful Tel Aviv markets.

  3. Tel Aviv – the " white city "

  4. Tel Aviv is called the white city because of the many Bauhaus buildings in it. 4000 (!) Bauhaus buildings were built in the city during the beginning of the past century, which is why it was declared a national heritage site by UNESCO.

  5. Tel Aviv Museums

  6. Tel Aviv offers many versatile activities, including museums: history of the state of Israel, history of Tel Aviv, history of famous figures like Ben Gurion, classic arts alongside modern arts – old and new, national and personal – all have room in the Tel Aviv museums.

  7. Festivals

  8. Tel Aviv is a city that never sleeps. The main reason for that is the colorful festivals that excite the whole city and bring people out into the streets every time

  9. Events in Tel Aviv

  10. The city of Tel Aviv never sleeps! The variety of events is huge and all that's left is to surrender and join the festivities – devouring all the city has to offer. Just keep your eyes and ears wide open so you don't miss a thing.

  11. Shopping in Tel Aviv

  12. Flea markets full of bargains, exclusive designer stores, designer fairs, second-hand stores and new malls. Tel Aviv is shopping heaven.

  13. The Tel Aviv Beaches

  14. Tel Aviv is located along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and has a 14 kilometer stretch of beach. Along that there are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, each with its own character.

  15. Avenues in Tel Aviv

  16. The many avenues in Tel Aviv are a part of what makes it unique.

  17. Culture

  18. Tel Aviv offers a huge variety of many diverse cultural events. From formal theatres to indie establishments, classical music and rock concerts, older artists and starving newcomers – Tel Aviv has a place for everyone.

  19. Tel Aviv Restaurants

  20. Bistro, Japanese, Thai, Israeli falafel, Italian, health food, special juices and any other type of nourishment – Tel Aviv has it all.

  21. Tel Aviv Guided Tours

  22. Tel Aviv is a fascinating city that offers experiences for every tourist, even without planning ahead. But joining one of the dozens of tours can show hidden places and offer explanations on the city, the figures and places.
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up to 4 Persons

up to 5 Persons

up to 8 Persons

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